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The developer API is your gateway to automating phone calls using HTTP and XML. The API makes it easy to set up voice broadcasts, conference calls, initiate phone calls between two parties and more.

Using the Call Initiation API on the left you can connect two callers directly or by using a Find Me, Virtual Receptionist, Voice-Mail or Survo.

The SurVo NetGet section explains how you can pass data from a phone call to your web server using our SurVo (IVR) technology. This allows you to capture data in real-time as a phone call progresses and control the flow of the call based on the caller's responses. The data can be stored in your own database, used to look up info in your database and then send back a simple XML formatted response to decide what happens next.

With Post Call Action you can send data to your web server as soon as a call is completed. This applies to every call going through your account. The data can include such things as the date and time of the call, call duration, caller ID, actions taken and more.

The API calls will require either your Public Key or API Key. These can be found by logging into your account and selecting Developer Tools -> Building Block IDs.

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